Bringing out the best in people

We developed audiomaster to help companies to improve their customer service from inside out. If you want to see happier customers and employees our offer might be of interest to you.

Our training is down-to-earth, practical and it aims at long-lasting results. In a stress-free setting, we stimulate participants to play an active part in knowledge transfer. Therefore, we provide a trusting learning environment. During the time frame of some months, we will personally squire your team. In doing so we are able to realise a true change in mindset and behavior.

Participants learn to reflect their own communicational patterns. Together with others they discuss their options for action and learn from one another. It boosts the existing potential of your company and improves the working atmosphere in an instant. We use „real” communication fragments from your daily routine and analyse these. Also, we’ll present criteria with which to measure communication. Our aim is to institutionalize successful behavior and investigate why it is effective. Due to this reason, we work with inspiring examples.

What clients say about us

„The audiomaster sessions are very interesting; because they teach us how to develop in customer service and also to have the opportunity to exchange with colleagues and get to know them better. I would like to have these audiomaster sessions throughout the year to be able to work better.“


„In my opinion, audiomaster is a very rewarding experience for any employee who wants to work in a company and do their job well. This experience is very positive not only on a human level. While it is an opportunity to establish a constructive exchange between colleagues, thus strengthening ties. I have noticed that this technique requires exactitude, knowledge and rigour. Thanks to Helvi for her professionalism.“